Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just read the Fourth Core Armory and...

I love it and I mean all of it, from the weapons, to the wondrous items and especially the gambits.  If you have not read it yet go do so now, your soul will thank you.

For those of you who wont go read it I'll give you the rundown on gambits.  Basically they are favors that you gain/purchase from NPCs, Groups or Factions.  They range form an airship rescue to spreading a rumor around town.  They were compared to divine boons but without the divinity.  I have a few idea's of my own or credited when credit is due.

Friends in Low Places
level 5+ Uncommon

You build up a network of favors and trust with the faceless
and forgotten members of society, everything that happens in
sight of these unseen you will know about it.

Lvl 5 1,000 gp
Lvl 15 25,000 gp
Lvl 25 625,000 gp

Property: When first acquiring this gambit,
choose a type of vagrent or low class
(such as Begger, Street Urchin or Whore; DM’s
discretion). Your use of this gambit’s
power is limited to that type of person.
Power (Action Point): No Action. Gain a +5
bonus to your next Streetwise check.
     Level 18: +10 bonus
     Level 28: +15 bonus

Partial Credit to Raron for the brainstorm

Smuggler's Contract
Level 3+ Common

You have either paid for or earned the sought after services of a
group of people whom only call themselves "movers".

Level 3 50 gp
Level 8 150 gp
Level 13 650 gp
Level 18 3,400 gp
Level 23 17,000 gp
Level 28 85,000 gp

Power (Consumable): No Action.  You procure services to transport 100 pounds of materials between two destinations within a days travel to a place of your choosing without any interference by a target group or faction you wish to hide the materials from.
Special: you can increase the travel time by adding 10gp for each day
     Level 8: 200 pounds of material and the cost per day increases to 20 gp
     Level 13: 500 pounds of material and the cost per day increases to 50 gp
     Level 18: 1000 pounds of material and the cost per day increases to 100 gp
     Level 23: 5000 pounds of material and the cost per day increases to 500 gp
     Level 28: 10000 pounds of material and the cost per day increases to 1000 gp

Note: I am not too sure on the prices for this one, I just followed the average prices for consumables.  If anyone has any other ideas please comment.

Blackmailed Arcanist
Level 10 Uncommon

All sorts of people have skeletons in their closets, but 
you have learned of a secret that you can use to your 

Lvl 10 500 gp

Power (Consumable): You can ask one question of this 
character and they will answer to the best of their knowledge 
as long as it is within their field of study chosen at the time 
of obtaining this ritual (Examples: Geography, Monster Lore, 
Arcane Arts, Etc...) this takes between 1 hour and 1 week 
(DM's discretion)
Special: after the question is asked the PC rolls a saving throw
 with a penalty to the roll equal to the number of times this power 
has been used.  On a successful roll this power is not expended.

Thats all for now.


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